The Nike Being True exhibition which was recently showcased in Los Angeles and New York has seen some film screening come to fruition, with the first taking place tonight Sunday April 20. The list enjoys some bright titles and directors using the Nike Being True exhibition as a basis of their work, here is onfo on the three screenings at 144 LAB in LA. Viva Morrissey! (2006) directed by Jessica Hundley, with still photographs by Being True contributor Jeaneen Lund. Viva Morrissey presents a touching glimpse into the Los Angeles subculture of Latino Morrissey fans. The film will be introduced by the filmmakers. Thorn and Toad (2003) directed by Tobin Yelland. "Thorn and Toad is two sides of a story about a street fight. I basically filmed each story and cut them together. I’ve known Thorn for fifteen years and Toad for around ten." – T. Yelland. Social Security (2002) directed by Cheryl Dunn. Social Security traces the lives of two distinctly different New Yorkers…Rob, a commodities broker and Dash, a graffiti writer. A hilarious look at contemporary NYC life.

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