We are more than well aware of the release of the latest edition of this iconic sneaker, although it seems to be more impressive with the news surfacing that the sneaker is 100% ‘Considered’. The 23rd edition of the Jordan is the first basketball sneaker has been shaped by Nike’s environmentally friendly approach which began in 2003 in a very secretive manner. For a shoe to be entirely ‘Considered’ the sneaker must include these four impressive benchmarks

-Must be made from recyclable materials (i.e., 100% recyclable plastics or veg-tanned leathers.)

-Zero Toxins. Zero chemical adhesives. (no glue.)

-Mechanical vs Chemical. (using mechanics and engineering to put the shoe together instead of chemical solutions.)

-Closed Loop Technology. (the shoe must be able to come back 100% as another shoe or something else. Nothing goes to waste.)

So the sneaker that is iconic in many ways has just been made far more remarkable for this latest technology which will turn the sneaker design and making more of a challange if this is setting the standard for technology. Check out Jeff Staple’s report here and perhaps a more indepth look form an outside view from CNN here ,both very good reading.