Nike have a basic yet unique design philosophy which has always been to build a better shoe for sports, and to let style follow function which has produced goods wth distinction over the years. Twenty-three years ago, a basketball hi-top emerged from this ethos that became an icon of boldness, both on the court and off the Nike Dunk. With simple, hi-contrast color ways and sharp personality, Dunk rapidly spread from the court into the world.

The Nike Dunk·Be True exhibition which has already graced many cities around the world will be open to the public in Shanghai for two days only, showcasing some of the greatest Dunks of all time and original video installations by China’s contemporary artists, read more about them below.

DUNK BE TRUE Exhibition

10 AM – 6 PM,

29 – 30 March

1918 Art Space

18 Chang Ping Rd, Shanghai


Artist/group’s name: 8GG

City: Beijing

Medium: New Media

Description: A work all about color, with the colors coming from audience members themselves.

Recent Work: In 2006, their web concept project "Search Your Name" was the first online work the collected by the London ICA. In 2007, they had their ‘V.I.P. Room’ project displayed in Cornerhouse, Manchester’s international centre for contemporary visual arts and film.

Dunk Thoughts: Dunks epitomize color – for us the wild and various colorways are very individualistic and direct. .

Artist/group’s name: Ying Liang

City: Shanghai/Zigong

Medium: Narrative Short Film

Description: Narrative short film about a young basketball fan’s hopes and anger.

Recent Work: In 2005, he made his first narrative long film Taking Father Home. It has won awards in five international film festivals including the Special Jury Prize at the Tokyo FILMeX Film Festival (2005) and the SKYY award at the San Francisco International Film Festival (2006). It was also by MoMA in New York. In 2006, his second long film The Other Half was released and has won awards in four international film festival including Jeonju International Film Festival (2007).

Dunk Thoughts: The boy in my film plays a 15-yuan basketball, lives in a shabby house and wanders around the poor neighborhoods of his town. The feelings that Dunk express to me are mirrored in the boy – rebellious, independent and expansive.

Artist/group’s name: OPEN Architecture (Li Hu + Huang Wenjing + Yang Chao)

City: Beijing/New York

Medium: Architecture

Description: A möbius strip weaves through the space and its events in one continuous loop.

Recent Work: Li Hu: Nanjing Art and Architecture Museum (2002), the cinema of MOMA Linked Hybrid(2003-2008).

Dunk Thoughts: I am thinking about basketball…  and all that exuberant energy and spirit of freedom in the game.

Artist/group’s name: Gao Wendong

City: Dalian

Medium: Narrative Short Film

Description: Self expression happens in the most unplanned circumstances can be full of fun.

Recent Work: Sweet Food City (2007) accepted at the58th Berlin International Film Festival (Forum)

Dunk Thoughts: After this film, I left the Nike Dunk basketball court in Sweet Food City (what has become the Nike wall). It has become a permanent space in this poor city. This is very meaningful for both me and the residents of Sweet Food City. It is really satisfying to see them doing sports in front of the Nike wall, wearing Dunk shoes. I think regardless of circumstances, to create the joy of sports is the essence of Nike spirit.

Artist/group’s name: Chen Feibo + Li Jianhong + Li Jian

City: Hangzhou

Medium: Motion graphics + Sound Design

Description: To learn with the spirit of playing, to play with the spirit of learning.

Recent Work: Chen Feibo: He works were selected by the 20th International Socio-political Poster Biennale, the 2nd Chinese International Poster Biennale, Get it Louder 07 and are part of the V&A Museum’s collection. Li Jianhong: organizes the annual 2pi Music Festival.

Dunk Thoughts: I like what I see to be the spirit of Dunk – to play with a professional attitude.

Artist/group’s name: Lei Lei

City: Beijing

Medium: Animation

Description: To record a moon landing with a quasi scientific approach.

Recent Work: The animated work Border Project showed at the 2007 Shenzhen & Hong Kong Bi-city Biennale of Urban Architecture.

Dunk Thoughts: I have been a skateboarder for almost 3 years and always wear Dunk. Dunks are a culture connected to style, music and designer toys. It gives skateboarders something beyond sports.

Artist/group’s name: Xu Wenkai (Aaajiao)

City: Shanghai/Beijing

Medium: New Media

Description: A pair of shoes that can fly.

Recent Work: in 2007, he participated in DEAF 07, Shanghai eArts Festival and the Get it Louder Exhibition.

Dunk Thoughts: The shoes themselves are works of art in my opinion, with stories and meanings behind them.

Artist/group’s name: Zhou Hongxiang

City: Shanghai

Medium: Video Installation

Description: To combine art and sport.

Recent Work: He has participated in European media art festivals from 2004 to 2007, the 9th Friesland Media Art Festival in the Netherlands and the 51st International Short Film Festival in Oberhausen. In 2002, his experimental film The Red Flag Flies got selected in New Territories section of the Venus International Film Festival and was nominated for the WERKLEITZ award in the 4th International Media Art Festival in Berlin.

Dunk Thoughts: Dunk represent to me fearless youthfulness and initiative