Is it possible to make a shoe that’s better than being barefoot? That’s the question Nike Design has answered with the Nike Free Gym+. The shoe features a second-skin fit and feel, with added cushioning, superior traction and all over flexibility inspired by the most bendable yogis.

Created for dynamic yoga and other mind-body classes typically taken barefoot, the Nike Free Gym+ is also ideal for training classes and Nike Fit workouts. It will protect the feet from whatever lives on a gym floor, while providing needed traction during a downward dog or other positions you choose to get yourself into.

A rubber outsole with a special herringbone traction pattern keeps feet secure. Deep, multi-directional flex grooves, informed by the game-changing Nike Free, enhance your full range of national motion. The split toe construction with extra traction on the big toe allows for barefoot-like gripping and helps you stay steady during the most challenging single-leg moves and balances.

Designed to be worn without socks to further the barefoot feel, the Nike Free Gym+ uses instant comfort heel pads and arch support, and has a naturally odor-absorbing lining infused with volcanic rock-derived fibers. The molded yet breathable sock liner also has a traction pattern and conforms to your foot to further reduce slippage and to add comfort.

Weighing in at just 5 oz, the Nike Free Gym’s ultra-light profile maximizes reactivity and speed. No sew and Nike Flywire construction with soft mesh upper reduces the overall weight of the shoe. A uniquely crafted arch strap lock engages the full arch when closed, giving a custom, secure fit.

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  1. Dhdanielhume

    Vibram rip off. The fact there is added cushioning and an arch support shows they are merely jumping on the band wagon. Of course it will sell and it is a step in the right direction. They are scared to leap in too heavily however in fear it will undermine the lies they have sold to all regarding running shoes for years. I like the look but I am and will continue to stick with Vibram.