The sport of football and its magnitude on a worldwide level is something that transcends being an athletic spectacle to playing an extremely integral part of life for millions across the globe. People live for it and support their teams with a loyalty unlike anything else I have ever witnessed. With the seemingly never ending chants bellowed out by tens of thousands in packed arenas at live games, to the millions all over playing on beautifully landscaped fields, or, when the means are not there, concrete and dirt, football is an escape from today’s downtrodden times.

Having grown up in America, hearing or reading about the sport via the mainstream media was a seldom occurrence except for a couple of occasions: World Cup and the relocating of David Beckham from Europe to Los Angeles. Beckham is now a small footnote in American sports, but the World Cup lives on and with its imminent return on the horizon, Nike recently unveiled its contributions to this year’s event with a media event that took place in London. The reason for this summit was to unveil two things: this year’s kits that are to be worn by participating National Teams and the Mercurial Vapor Superfly II football boot.

We have already shown you the boot here, but here is another brief synopsis of Nike’s latest football offering. The boot features some great new technologies geared towards optimizing protection and overall performance. As with most recent performance oriented pieces from the sportswear giant, Flywire is present in the Mercurial Vapor Superfy II playing a pivotal role in weight reduction of the boot, while also acting as a stabilizer aiding in keeping the foot in place during play. But, what really sets off the whole boots are the retractable spikes that can extend up to 3 millimeters based on ground conditions and pressure exerted by the players. Secondary toe traction is also one of the key features as it provides that extra toe-off power when making those initial steps. It does not end there as these boots are also equipped with Nike Football +, which enables the owner to tap into programs on that offer insights from some of the game’s best via a unique user code that is provided.

The national team kits are also a wonder on par with the Mercurial Vapor Superfly II. These are not only the most technologically advanced kits on the field meant to enhance performance and comfort, but they are also ecologically friendly. The jerseys are comprised of completely recycled polyester; in fact, each jersey is made from up to 8 recycled water bottles! Another astonishing aspect is the fact that Nike nearly 13 million plastic bottles from going to landfills by recycling them into the kits.