Having already taken a very indepth look at the creation of this latest technology to come out of Nike called the Rejuven8 we can provide you with more interesting facts making for a great read. In addition look at all the colorways available which include a colorway adopting the octagon which Nike has incorperated to many designs this to comemorate the milestone of  080808.

Recovery Is Fundamental There are three phases to an athlete’s competition cycle – training, competition and recovery. Athletes don’t stop competing when they step off the field of play. Recovery and training between contests is just as critical as the competition itself — maybe even more so. All three phases work together to create a more efficient and healthy athlete.

Designed with a focus on comfort, breathability and fit, the Air Rejuven8 is engineered to create an environment that allows the foot to rest and refresh in preparation for the next round of competition or training, making it the perfect shoe for athletes in-between sport. Inspired by direct insight that the athlete’s body experiences high wear and tear from training and competition, the Air Rejuven8 creates an ultra comfortable environment that, according to athlete feedback, allows their feet to recuperate when they are not competing.


Great Ideas Come From Anywhere At a Thanksgiving dinner in 1999, a NIKE innovation leader’s seven-year-old son took the protective fruit net off an Asian pear and placed it around his bare foot. It was a playful gesture that immediately sparked the imagination of NIKE’s design team, spawning the first Air Rejuven8 prototype—built from the very same netting and hot-glued to a last. What intrigued designers about the structure was the way the material worked in harmony with the foot’s shape, as well as its graphic look. But, at the time, the technology required to make the Air Rejuven8 was too complex for conventional shoe manufacturing. Its various prototypes ended up at the bottom of a drawer for nearly five years, out of sight, but not out of mind.

The Innovation Kitchen The Innovation Kitchen is ground zero for the invention and ingenuity of Nike technology. It is a space where designers, engineers and developers work on unconventional projects without the constriction of time, enabling them to consider and explore—in great detail—creative solutions to problems.

In 2003, Nike innovation designer Pam Greene was studying the comfort aspects of a shoe: important foundation work for delivering recovery benefits to the feet of weary athletes. Greene immediately saw potential in the netting design, working out a tangible plan for the shoe’s construction. After six months researching materials and geometries for the net structure, Pam, a specialist in designing comfort footwear, crafted the shoe into a prototype phase that showed a unique ability to assist recovery and enable restorative running. After an additional year of testing and refinement by the Kitchen team, the Air Rejuven8 concept was ready to see the light of day.


Design as a Collaborative Effort Design at Nike is a collaborative effort and the Innovation Kitchen is the heart of it all. Bob Mervar, Nike’s Outdoor design director formed a good duo with the Kitchen’s Greene and together they developed and created what would become the right answer for comfort and thus Recovery. Mervar, who had experience building many of the ancestors to the Air Rejuven8— including the Presto—fine-tuned the in-line design into a product that instantly became iconic.

The Anatomy of Air Rejuven8 The key innovation of the Air Rejuven8 is its injection-molded exterior cage. Made from one shot of TPU polymer, the network of diamond-shaped “struts” is engineered and aligned to fit around the foot to be both supportive and non-restrictive. The spacing, orientation, and thickness of each strut adds support and flex only where it is needed, allowing the use of less material in the upper. The strength-to-flex characteristic of the diamond’s geometry gives the structure its minimal, yet highly functional quality. The entire network conforms dynamically to the changing shape of the athlete’s foot in motion and at rest, while the openness of the structure allows for airflow, breathability, and the movement of moisture away from skin needed in comfort footwear.


Comfort, breathability and lightweight support are highly prioritized in athletic footwear. The Air Rejuven8 not only achieves these goals with its innovative cage, but also by integrating a knit sandwich-mesh inner bootie and an 8mm sockliner, giving athletes the additional snugness, stability, and insole cushioning necessary for light running. Made of resilient EVA foam and housing a heel air packet, this is among the thickest, softest sockliners NIKE offers. Additionally, the seamless bootie also allows the footwear to be worn without socks for better airflow.

Air Rejuven8 also incorporates the same Natural Motion tooling used in NIKE Free, allowing the outsole to flex organically with the upper and foot. Pads made from Duralon, NIKE’s softest rubber, create a modified waffle sole traction system in the optimal natural footbed alignment for running. Nike Air in the heel provides cushioning that deflects upon the impact of heel strike, transferring energy through the runner’s gait and toe-off. The protective toecap originally developed for the Presto shields the toe, allowing for complete pliability in the rest of the forefoot.

Considered Aspects of the Air Rejuven8 * The same elements that give Air Rejuven8 its clean design also lower its impact on the environment. Because the shoe’s upper is an injection-molded cage, there is less waste in the form of scraps and remnants. By creating an engineered structure that doesn’t need additional support or added foams, the material and energy used in the shoe’s overall construction is minimized. The mold used for the Air Rejuven8 creates a net that is folded into shape to create both the left and right shoe, further reducing energy by cutting tooling use in half and facilitating a more efficient production process. The outsole is made using NIKE’s chemically optimized “green” rubber formula, reducing toxics 96% by weight over traditional formulas. All of this results in a shoe that qualifies as a ‘NIKE Considered Design,’ embracing the design ethos of sustainable performance.


Air Rejuven8 Family Tree* “The great thing about innovating at NIKE is that we have iconic heritage products to draw from,” says Pam Greene, who created the Air Rejuven8 after spending several years working on comfort concepts for NIKE.

With help from the Innovation Kitchen team, and drawing from the experience of designers like Bob Mervar, who designed the Presto; Tinker Hatfield, creator of the Air Huarache; Sean McDowell, who brought the Air Kukini to the triathlon world; and Bruce Kilgore who invented the Sock Racer; Pam built upon revolutionary foundation concepts and pushed them to the next level of rejuvenating comfort and aesthetic functionality. The Zvezdockha, Nike’s innovation project with designer Marc Newson, introduced the idea of modularity to the NIKE family, and the Air Rejuven8 makes it accessible from a consumer and athletic standpoint. The Air Rejuven8 is the latest evolution and fusion of the aforementioned shoes in NIKE’s genealogy, combining great fit, breathability, and support in a design that screams serious fun.

The Air Rejuven8 hits shelves in April 2008, but its real coming out party will take place on 080808 when the world’s greatest athletes come together under one sky to compete. US athletes will sport these shoes as part of their medal stand outfits, and many others will wear them during downtime in Beijing this summer, looking good, as well as enjoying technology that has made them the future of NIKE recovery footwear.

To commemorate 080808, a special Air Rejuven8 will be offered that incorporates colorful octagons into the shoe’s futuristic design. Nike Sportswear created a special octagon graphic to celebrate the athletic summit in Beijing, a visual representation of myriad cultures coming together in the name of sports, as well as an homage to the importance of the number eight in Chinese tradition.