Eric Koston is undoubtedly one of skateboarding’s most prolific skateboarders. If you look at it in basketball terms, you might even call him the Michael Jordan of skateboarding. Both have accomplished and contributed so much to their respective sports and as of last year, they both share the distinct honor of being part of Nike. Koston joined team last year and since then he has taken a hands on approach to the SB shoes bearing his name.

Known over the years for being a sneaker enthusiast, Eric has taken elements from various favorites and has incorporated them into his Eric Koston 1, and in this case, Lunarlon has been taken from runners and placed right into the skate shoe. After a trip to the Nike employee store, Koston, who fully realizes the wear and tear a skateboarder’s foot receives from the vigor of skating, picked up some Nike LunarGlides. Owners of runners that make use of the spongy and soft Lunarlon technology know full well how comfortable the material is, and so Eric wondered how Lunar could be incorporated into the skate shoe. If you have ever skated, you would know that the outsole of a Lunar shoe would just not work against the grip tape of a skateboard, so the only logical answer would be to place it in the insole. Nike SB and Koston did just that and as a result, the two have presented the Eric Koston 1.

To celebrate the occasion, Nike Sb held a special event hosted by Nike SB’s Kevin Imamura, Hunter Muraira and Koston over at the Vault in Downtown Los Angeles. It was there, where Eric had a chance to explain his shoes in great detail and to unveil a very, very special collaboration done with fellow Nike athlete, Kobe Bryant. It is no secret that Eric is a Los Angeles Lakers fan of mammoth proportions, so the two got to work together on the Eric Koston 1 and for this special edition, which we featured here, a Kobe VI upper was placed onto Koston’s shoe and released in extremely limited numbers this past Saturday. If you were lucky enough to grab a pair, let us know what you think!