On Friday 10th December 2010 Nike Sportswear celebrated the legacy of the Destroyer Jacket with Destroy To Create – the launch of a movement via a series of acts of creative destruction across the fields of art, fashion and culture.

The varsity jacket was originally awarded to elite American students who represented their institutions with distinction. In order to remain true to the heritage of the jacket Nike Sportswear has selected a team of innovators and iconoclasts who have already earned recognition – these individuals are the Destroyers. They have broken with tradition and destroyed the old so that the new can be born.

The Destroyers include Andrea Crews, Zhang Dali, Wilson Brothers, Jin Chongyu(Les Jin), Masha Ma, Qiu Hao, Les Suen, Uma Wang, Xu Chuang, Vega Wang, Milk Magazine, Xander Zhou, Sankuanz, Kim Kiroic, Zhang Na, Ye Qian.
Chinese flying man, athlete Liu Xiang was invited to the event. He just won the 110m Hurdles champion in Asian Games and created a series of Destroyer Jacket images for Nike Sportswear More Than campaign. Wearing the customized Destroyer Jacket, Liu Xiang undoubtedly became the focus of the party. Gildas, one of the founders of French fashion label and electronic music record label Kitsuné, also came to the event and expressed his passion of Destroy To Create by his music.