Earlier this week we posted details on the “Destroyer” Varsity Jacket from Nike Sportswear. It is literally one of the most perfect varsity jackets I have ever seen. They recently had their launch party at 21 Mercer with some familiar faces in attendance. A lot of times there is launch parties or events centered around a product/brand and it never comes out right, this is one of the few times It makes sense.

“New York’s creative community gathered here at 21 Mercer in SoHo to celebrate the launch of the NYC Destroyer Jacket and the unveiling of “The NYC Destroyers” class photo shot by Bridge Runner, filmmaker and photographer Kai Regan. Class members in attendance included Ricky Saiz, Tim Brodhagen, Lucien Smith, Vashtie, Dee & Ricky and Brandee Brown. The larger than life class photo set the backdrop for the night of celebration here at 21 Mercer for an intimate circle of friends. Dee & Ricky’s limited edition “Black Apple” pin and a poster print of the photo were distributed to the participants.”










Thank you HB for the info.

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  1. Openzedoor

    It really annoys me how this NSW stuff always looks so good.