The Nike Sportswear “Stages” collection has already compiled some really great things with the Lunar Racer and Trainer then more recently the Greatest Hits collection as well as apparel. Here is a quite surprising collection of footwear with “The Cutters” with the chosen silhouette the Nike Tiempo.

Traditionally designed for soccer the shoe has made a come back inspired by the bike with enhanced elements to work with today’s inner city bike rider. Developed in partnership with eight bike riders from around the globe, the Nike City Tiempo was constructed with a board last, a process referencing ACG’s history. The board last translates into a stiffer construction, making the pushdown of the pedal stroke easier on the rider. Throughout the construction of the shoe, the designers have increased the density of the rubber and the derometer. Inside the shoe, the sockliner has been updated to also be a bit stiffer, giving support to the foot. The city’s the designs are derived from include Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo and London.