BLENDS in Downtown Los Angeles has received a shipment of some of the Holiday 08 items from Loopwheeler. The AW 77 Full Zips in Grey Heather, Obisidian, and Comet Red, the AW 77 Half Zips in Mulberry, Obsidian, and Grey Heather, the Loopwheeler Crew in Obisidian and Grey Heather, and the Loopwheeler Tees in Comet Red and Grey Heather have all arrived at this Downtown LA boutique. As you all know, Loopwheeler is hard to come by given the limited availability and the fact that only so many of these great fleeces can be made throughout the course of a day, which is precisely why only a small handful of stores in Los Angeles and New York have received this product. If you have the means to pick up the Loopwheeler fleece in any style, I highly recommend it. The stuff is unreal as far as quality and comfort go.