Nike Sportswear’s highly anticipated Lunar Orbit+ has now been released. Available in Hong Kong (atleast) in 3 different colourways. The newly designed shoe is a nod to Nike’s Tech Pack jackets, visible through the welded bemis tape, coated zippers, smooth premium construction and superior comfort. This technical approach to footwear design represents an evolution for NSW as it pushes the boundaries on advanced craftsmanship combined with minimalist design aesthetic. Designer Nate VanHook brought his expertise in wetsuit design to this project, introducing a technical 3-layer mesh upper combining liner, EVA foam and a top-layer mesh.

The Nike Sportswear Lunar Orbit+ shoe features a breathable 3-layer mesh upper, asymmetrical zip, and raised geometric upper to increase air flow with limited surface contact on the foot.

Available in Black, Grey and Red, I’m sure we can expect more to come.

Images: Kix-Files.