We’ve mentioned the shoe before, but here’s the official rundown of the shoe, which features the new P2i, Ltd.’s Ionmask™ technology. Nike has teamed up with Wood Wood to take on lightweight and protection. The result of is the Lunar Wood TZ, a lightweight and comfortable shoe that can keep you dry during the cold and wet winter.

The shoe utilizes Nike Running’s innovative Lunarlite material with Dynamic Support technology to deliver an extremely lightweight cushioning system with maximum traction. Jesse Leyva, Nike Sportswear Footwear Design Director adds “For the upper, we took design cues from the original Wildwood Trail shoe and employed a rubberized mudguard along with ripstop nylon to keep feet protected despite harsh outdoor conditions.”

Taking inspiration from Scandinavia’s harsh winter weather, designers at Wood Wood and Nike wanted to make this versatile running shoe that combines ultimate protection with distinct look. “We worked with the Nike design team on color selection, material variations and unique graphics to provide winterized protection against the elements. Whereas the original Nike Wildwood was designed for running in nature, this project is more about the urban landscape. We wanted to bring the shoe into an urban environment. The Lunar Wood TZ is made for the cold and wet nights. Inspiration comes from combining the world of graffiti and nocturnal expeditions, the empty streets, tunnels, abandoned buildings, and jumping fences,’’ said Brian SS Jensen at Wood Wood alive. The shoe has been beautifully curated with some creative design details. The shoe tongue embroiders Nike Wildwood’s ACG triangle logo with a crescent moon to keep the outdoor spirit. The bright yellow signature “W.W.” is boldly placed only on the left shoe heel. A unique graphic of full moon to eclipse sits on the sockliners.

To further keep feet warm and dry, P2i, Ltd.’s Ionmask™ technology was added by applying a nanoscopic protective polymer layer to the whole shoe, which allows water to form beads and simply roll off, instead of being fully absorbed into the shoe. Ionmask™ gives the shoe, stitching included, a superior water repellence. Shoes dry out quickly and won’t get heavier over time, while maintaining the natural airflow of their constructed material.







The Lunar Wood TZ will be available exclusively at Wood Wood on Dec. 11th following by a global launch at select Nike Sportswear retailers on Dec. 19th, 2009.