Nike Sportswear is launching a new, free iPhone app called “True City” which gives users access to a live community of “tastemakers” sharing what’s happening in six European cities.

Covering London, Berlin, Milan, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Paris. Locals, dubbed Nike Insiders, will keep the community up to date with the latest events in their cities.  Users will also be encouraged to contribute their own information and opinions to have a chance of becoming Nike Insiders themselves as well as getting the latest information about upcoming Nike events and product launches.

This isn’t Nike’s first attempt at an iPhone app, they previously launched the succesful Nike ID app last year, but this is their first non product  related project which seems them make use of innovative tools such as geo-tagging with social media functionality such as Facebook Connect.  Its great to see big companies seizing new technologies and using them for fun and useful apllications.

For more information on the Nike “True City” app check the video below.  It will be available to download from the Apple App Store from tomorrow (14th January).

Nike True City from NikeSportswear on Vimeo.

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  1. Chris

    I'm still not buying that this app is gonna better connect me than the SoleSearch app..the news of this app didn't excite me 4 months ago, and it doesn't now..#imjustsayin