Masses graced the Honolulu Marathon over the weekend, but perhaps the most notable mention from these circles is Team Gira, headed by none other than Jun Takahashi. Better late than never, here is an interview which was a preview to the event with Jun Takahashi and fellow member Yasu acting as spokesmen for the group.

What’s going through your head?
J: I’m thinking about absolutely… nothing. Just a little nervous I guess.

Is it ok to be nervous before a marathon, even if you’ve done one before?
J: Well, yeah. The second time is a little more special for us. It’s different. The first time was just to enjoy the run and the atmosphere without much pressure.
Y: There really wasn’t any feeling for the first one…
J: The second one is always a little difficult. We know the course, weather, conditions this time around…

So you know the details of the course.
Y: Yeah, we’re educated about it now, I think.
J: So we know how difficult it is to run it; it makes you think a lot more.

If it’s so nervous, why did you even choose to start running?
J: We dunno why. Nobody really knows?
Y: Just do it? (laughs)
J: I suppose it was to keep healthy.
Y: I watched the Terminator 2.

Did you have any aspiration to run a marathon when you started running?
J: Maybe after a year, yeah.
Y: And after one year, I just decided I was gonna try to do a full marathon. Just wanted to give it a go.
J: It also sounded like a good excuse to go to Hawaii.

What is the GIRA spirit?
J: Being GIRA means you want to drink Coca Cola after 30km in a 42km race, if that makes sense.

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