Born in upstate New York, Todd Jordan grew up skateboarding with his brother taking the train on weekends into the urban paradise of Manhattan where he honed his formidable technique in the streets becoming a sponsored team rider firstly with influential Zoo York and later Supreme. In 2002, Jordan followed in the footsteps of then Zoo York teammate, Danny Supa, to join the Nike SB team where he remains a sponsored pro. Riding for Shut Skateboards, Independent Trucks, and HiFi Wheels, Jordan is never without a camera on his globetrotting tours, capturing beautiful atmospheric glimpses of the world around him and portraits of his friends and peers in candid reflective moments. His work has been published in American Photo, Tokion, Thrasher, The Journal, Lowdown, and Vice. A pinnacle Nike athlete himself, Jordan plays double-duty both representing the brand, as well as, offering a behind-the-scenes look into this Nike Sportswear project.