+41 started this project along with Nike with the idea that Roger Federer is a kind of magician. His career is already historical and it is well known that this amazing tennis palyer is more than just a great sportsman. This project began when the team at +41 met Federer and Mirka in Wimbeldon this year.

+41 based the concept and aesthetic around Magic and Infinity, researching and collecting on symbolism, magic, infinity and esoterism. They came out with a minimal modern magical language and developed a series of logos representing ten of the most defining moments in Roger’s life. These logos tend to represent in the best way these moments. The goal was to make them expressive and scheming at the same time, acting like a kindred of mysterious symbols.

The RF infinite talent Logo, has been the starting point of the all series. We had to insist on the point that there is no finish line on such journey. What Roger Federer is accomplishing is unique and historical, in other words its Magic.

The installation refers to the two main themes of Infinity and Magic. +41 created a physical experimentation of the infinity, by making a mirrors corner, where people can enter in an infinite space, like a portal to the never-ending. The reflections in the mirrors create a timeless moment around a timeless Talent. The mirrors corner contains the RF Windrunner on a hanger, designed like a one line geometrical star, as an infinite sign.

Check out more of the installation on the +41 website.