The wonderful relationship between Nike and Lance Armstrong’s foundation LIVESTRONG has just released another physical and emotive commercial encapsulating all that is the strength behind such a machine; Lance Armstrong. On his 7th leg of the Tour de France he is followed from the town of Tournus to the remote ski destination of Station des Rousses, every step of the way is a battle. A battle for his title, for his foundation and for himself. Go Lance!

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  1. Hw3

    “physical and emotive commercial encapsulating all that is strength behind such a machine” PAUSE! who writes for you guys? seriously!! the topics and products SLAMxHYPE covers are not bad but the writing that accompanies these pieces is absolutely terrible. From spelling to grammar and the constant over the top, grand statements have to go. BTW, the ‘strength behind the machine’ is steroids. Lance Armstrong is a juice head you idiots.