First off: Congratulations to the Los Angeles Lakers on their game 7 victory last night against the Boston Celtics. And speaking of the Boston Celtics, some of you watching the Finals might have noticed an interesting pair of vivid green shoes on some of the team’s players, namely Rajon Rondo, and in case you were curious as to what they are, we can tell you that they are the latest addition to the Nike Basketball footwear arsenal: the Zoom Hyperfuse.

Last week, while attending the media summit in which details of the World Basketball Festival were revealed, Nike also unveiled the Zoom Hyperfuse. The name ‘Hyperfuse’ is not just the name of the shoe, but it is also a very interesting process emanating from Nike’s fabled Innovation Kitchen that creates a uni-body frame by fusing together key components of the shoe’s upper adding to its durability. The sole also was designed to handle the strain from vigorous outdoor play, which was highly influenced from China’s outdoor court action.

We mentioned that ‘Hyperfuse’ is the product of Nike’s Innovation Kitchen and it is no secret that a main focus of that department is to create footwear that performs at high levels, but also lightweight. A size 9 comes in at an astounding 12.5 oz and that is achieved from the fusing process found on the upper as well as the mesh layers, which not only decrease weight, but also increase breathability.

If you are in the market for a basketball shoe to ball in, then you can’t go wrong with the Zoom Hyperfuse. The durability, lighter weight and comfort are all there making it an all around winner. These are slated for a summer release, so be on the lookout in the near future.

And here is a look at a few other make ups. As a sucker for purple colorways, I was drawn to this one:

And as a trainer fan, this really caught my eye:

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