After my trip to US, I’ve been hiding and working on the “No Reason” show, this show is JELLYMON team’s little baby. The concept is really simple : with no sponsors, no corporate tie-ins, no one graffiti on soft drink cans or sneakers, just a selection of work from us and our friends around the world, with prints on sale for as cheap as we could possibly sell them and still break-even. We don’t need a reason to enjoy art and design, we don’t need a sponsor to party, and most of all you don’t need to spend a lot of money you can still own at least a piece of art print! More photos after the jump..

The talented photographer 223 from Beijing, just had his solo show at the Song Zhuang Art Museum in Beijing.

Mr Tsang spinning his love…

Lady in Red, Artist Shinjil next to her work.

Sammy and I has this “Hip Art Supermarket” idea a while ago, “No Reason” show is a little test for us. We gathered 20 graphic artists, photographers and designers from UK, Europe, US, Taiwan and China. Including our own work we are showing 47 pieces of art prints. Each print is limited 100 prints, and is selling for almost print cost. You walk in with an order form, fill in what you like and within the city you will get it unframed or framed in 3 working days.

My partner Sam : “Thank you is all I want to say! ”

Special thanks to participating artists:

The Wonderful Design Works (Tokyo), Tado (UK), Jon Burgerman (UK), Nanospore (USA), Gaston Cabo (ARG), MISHKA NYC (USA), Nial (IRE/AUS), REACH (TW), Rodney Evans (AUS), Sean Tucker (NYC), WZL/大王 (Beijing), JOVIXU/許仙人 (Guilin), BeiBang (Shanghai), 223 (Beijing), Alex So (Guangzhou), Tony Law (USA/Beijing), Madi Ju (Beijing), Pop for Jellymon, LULU for Jellymon, 大码子/Inky(SH), Ceilen Lau(SH), Shinjil(SH), Unitag (SH)

love to Mr Tsang and DJ V-nuts for the music, Chris and Toney (Source) , Mishka NYC came all this way, 223 from Beijing, Rodney Evans and Nial from Australia , all the Shanghai base artists and 600+ those who come to celebrate with us!