We are curating a show called “an art show for… No Reason… by jellymon&friends ” at the Source (www.thesource.cn) in Shanghai. We are doing the show because we felt that the creative scene in Shanghai/China has dipped a bit in the last year with all the preparations for the Olympics, so we wanted to give it a little push.

This is our first attempt to create an ” Hip Art Supermarket” idea, We believe everyone should be able to enjoy and own at least one piece of Art! Visitors to the show can take an order form, and be able to order limited edition high quality art prints (maximum edition of 100 prints per artist) from world famous artists and designers, at an affordable price on the spot and have them delivered to your home or office within 3 days! (for domestic orders). If you don’t want to buy anything then just come to the source anytime for the whole month when the show is on and enjoy the work for free!

Profits from the show will go to the artists involved and to creating new fun exhibitions in the future. We don’t need a reason to party, we hope you don’t either!