Ohlalalala! What a day…What a day, it was!…

As I told you in the earlier post, the guys from Ill Studio and Pigalle were gonna host a special event to celebrate their limited edition T-shirts

Well… The exhibit was a total surprise: one involving sex dolls and crazy graphism. I should probably specify that the theme revolved around “sexual misery” i.e: What people do to get it off without a partner. Ha! Needless to say the installation was forbidden for people under 18.

The crowd really digged Pigalle’s sexy exhibit and the orgasmic soundtrack of a woman with a British accent giving specific orders (I won’t go into any details…)

The PainOchoKolat Sound System boys baked/cooked up a hot party after the exhibit! But before the records started spinning, the supersonic futuristic rapper Dal Gren gave a special showcase to which we all nodded our heads. This time the crew was joined by the British crew: The Derelikts.

Peep the pics: