SLAMXHYPE bloggers Norse Projects have compiled this impressive piece of outerwear that features British Millerain waxed cotton, Primaloft insulation, Talon zippers, wrist gators and an embroidered Norse X Oi Polloi scout patch have been used to create a great winter piece.

Oi Polloi owner Steve Sanderson provides us with a further insight into the project.

“For me, it’s all about rambling, walking and camping in mid to late seventies, it’s the kind of jacket the old guys would be wearing. At the time we thought they looked pretty cool.”

“The jacket we found and chose to use for inspiration is one my favourite outerwear pieces. It was in part designed by a legendary British mountaineer Chris Bonington… we love that it’s cotton, just using 2 layers. A superb simple design. Also, the hoods a great shape and the length a little longer than most jackets – but not so long as to make it a fully fledged mod parka.”

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