Norse Projects have collaborated with one of the world’s leading glove brands, and fellow Scandinavians Hestra to createa range of supersoft deerskin leather glove.

Created for the harsh Swedish winters they are perfect for keeping your hands warm as the weather turns cold. A 100% deerskin leather outer available in black, orange and yellow with black ribbed cuff, white Norse projects patch and subtle Hestra embossed logo.


Norse Projects originally opened in 2004 as a retail space in Copenhagen, Denmark with the honurable goal of creating a truly international sand modern shop that combined street, classic workwear and fashion culture and its quickly grown to become one of the must visit spots in Copenhagen with a product range that includes a wide variety of brands including Trickers, LVC, Original Fake, Pendleton, Acne, Ransom and many more. This year they released their first own brand clothing collection which has caused a lot of interest on-line and been carried up by some of the best stores in the world.

Hestra is one of the world’s leading sports and leisure glove brands, founded in 1936 by Martin Magnusson, its still run by the Magnusson family to this day. With a commitment to the craft of glove making the company ensures they are in control of all aspects of the product production, from the family personally selecting all the leather and materials and the design and development taking place in the Swedish town they take their name from, Hestra. The gloves are manufactured in their own factory ensuring high quality at every stage, with several high-end models even being entirely handmade by some of the most experienced glove makers in Europe.

The Norse Projects X Hestra gloves are available from Oi Polloi now.