Was wandering around the West Village on Friday with my girlfriend, and ran into the Aristotle of Street Photography, Ricky Powell, whom I have had the honor to write a feature on in the magazine back in 2007. We caught up for a bit over some coffee, and he let me pose with him for a minute. Ricky has a column at TheCitrusReport.com that I always enjoy, and check when the Beasties’ 20th anniversary Paul’s Boutique drops, ’cause there has got to be some fine shots from the era a la Ricky. Nice seeing you, sir.

Just got from NYC where Scion was putting on their Scion Easy 10 2008 film screening. Juxtapoz, Giant Robot, Vice, RE:Up, Theme, and some other mags were involved in getting young filmmakers together to make the film of their choice, and the screening was this past Thursday at the Tribeca Cinemas. It was a hectic scene; good to, because that means a lot people came out to see some up-and-coming talent. Alex Tarrant, Jux’ filmmaker of choice, made a great film with artists David Choong Lee and Brian Barneclo as the stars. Good stuff. Joey Garfield, one of Jux’ contributing editors, made a film as well. Nice meeting Eric from Giant Robot, too, been a huge fan of all his work over the years Thank you to Malbon Farms for getting Alex and I settled.

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