O. BALLOU SS15 features some fine looks, and also a questionable mustache.

Luxe London-based menswear label O. BALLOU gives us an early preview of its SS15 collection – and once again it does not disappoint. This season, the brand visits the island of Sicily – its capital city of Palermo a key point of reference for the distinctly Southern Italian, tailored feel that remains an O. BALLOU signature. The SS15 collection sees a stronger focus on textiles, with the brand working closely with mills in Japan and Italy in order to source top quality fabrics. Super fine silk/cotton knitwear provides lightweight layering and is a perfect counterpart to the more tailored jackets on display. As a brand, O. BALLOU seems to understand that it’s not just about the clothing itself, but how you wear it – in this case, rocking extremely luxury items in the most blasé of manners.

Check the brand’s website for more info in the coming weeks.