After a moving weekend of concerts and speeches I watched with zillions of people around the world as Obama took office yesterday.    Feeling uplifted and even weeping occasionally I felt inspired like so many others.     After a spectacular and somewhat patriotic concert (that HBO paid for), it really is clear that Obama embraces the arts.     Folk singers, rock, pop, country, poets and authors spoke and sang to the masses to celebrate him and the historic day.   It wasn’t particularly hip, but it was historic and moving.

There has been talk of creating a Minister of the Arts position.    Most developed nations have one.    The US hasn’t done anything to publicly support the arts since 1985 and we have no one to represent us on the world stage.    Frankly it’s a long time coming.      If we are to succeed as a nation we need this.     The National Endowment for the Arts needs support and funding.    I am praying that this administration will support the creative arts.    Rumor has it that Quincy Jones is in talks.   Who knows.    I’m just thrilled as an artist and supporter of the arts that this is even  a possibility.