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Those are some mighty fine covers up there, courtesy of one of my favorite artists on the planet, Mr Conor Harrington. I actually got the honor to interview him for this issue, and he maybe the only person I have ever spoke to who has compared Napoleanic re-enactors to hip-hop artists. Harrington’s work is incredible, and I think the cover speaks volumes. Monica Canilao, Kris Kuksi (got to interview him as well, great guy), Barron Storey (David Choe did the interview, probably one the best interviews we have had all year), Eric Joyner, and Polly Morgan are in this issue as well.

Also have the photo and story from my and friend/photo editor Jon Dragonette’s Mark Twain moment on the East River looking at Olafur Eliasson’s waterfalls. I wanted to have my American writer moment with this, but I think it turned out informative as opposed to heady. Oh well, Jon made this photo in the mag look great. But look kids, iPhone photo! Its not bad actually. And then there was our Kidrobot shoot, in a building in DUMBO, actually, directly underneath the Manhattan Bridge. Thanks to Merryl and the Baroness.

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