Here is a look at some pieces from designer Austin Sherbanenko’s Odyn Vovk line for Spring/Summer 09. Sherbanenko is a native of Southern California that does not abide by structures and plans, but rather spontaneity with his designs and philosophies. Sherbanenko dropped out of school feeling the desire to pursue his own label, and he did just that. He put all of his money towards Odyn Vovk, and now he is up and running with his operation. The designer draws inspiration from the Southern California cultural landscape with heavy influence from the punk rock scene, mexican food, gangbangers, and skateboarding. Odyn Vovk’s use of color, or rather lack of, is intended to allow for more focus on the garments themselves, instead of eye-catching colors. The line will ship in February – March of next year and will be carried at Oak in NYC and Blackbird in Seattle. Check Odyn Vovk for more info.