Like Oscar Wilde said, “memory is the diary that we all carry about with us.” Friends change and find their own place in this world. This also rings true to the disbanded Fret Click, the infamous Dutch skateboarding crew I was and still am part of, well, in my heart at least. To some of us, this memorable period in time has played a significant role in what was to become of us in the future. Throughout the years we kind of lost touch with one another. The only ones I still see or speak to on the regular nowadays are Parra and Woei, who both happen to be in the same field of work. So I was very delighted when I received word from another old homie, Gyz La Rivière, who took it upon himself to produce a Fret Click documentary, with a little help from genius director Marco Grandia. We linked up today to shoot footage, and for a little while, I was taken all the way back to the good old glory days again… FC lives on.