Love him or Hate him, Olivier Zahm has become one of the most influential names in fashion and culture today, the recent shift of his Purple Fashion Magazine has put him front and centre as one of the most important people in fashion media. The NY Times has put together, what I consider, the most considered article on the french editor yet.

“I said, ‘I will continue and go back into fashion,’ because that’s the source of money for a magazine and that’s the source of relevance for a magazine,” he said. “Fashion in the global sense and not only in the professional sense.” He set himself three years to re-establish Purple in the mainstream. The magazine now has a circulation of 60,000, and the Diary draws 20,000 unique visitors a day, according to Caroline Gaimari, the magazine’s executive editor. Mr. Zahm, meanwhile, has become something of a mascot to the international fashion crowd, darting puckishly into front rows (even without a seat assignment) “

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Image: Purple Diary.