The Equestrian look is one of performance through elegance and grace. For this installment of “Olympic Fits” we’ve taken the traditional look of the Equestrian and have push the boundaries of style through a selection that remains true to the look but modernized through smart tailoring, exploration of textures, and intricate detailing. An Ann Demeulemeester tail coat is paired with Miharayasuhiro cropped trousers to form the foundation for the kit as Ann Demeulemeester Knee Boots and a CA4LA Fedora serve as polish for look that is as regal as it completely relatable. If anything this knit goes to show how approachable Ann Demeulemeester can be once her sense of style is understood and paired with pieces that calm the bold nature of her styling.

Ann Demeulemeester Tail Coat

MIHARAYASUHIRO Cropped Linen Trousers

Ann Demeulemeester Vitello Olio Knee High Boots

CA4LA Knit Fedora