To the trained eye fencing is the chessboxing of the Olympics. Strategy, wit, and technique combine in cunning battle between the two athletes involved. In our efforts to represent fencing as true to its present day form yet make its look practical, we’ve taken the essence of the traditional garb and brought a touch of luxe. We start with a Rick Owens wrap shirt that exudes regal parisian class and style unexpectedly combined with Pierre Balmain biker pants in a effort to bring a sense of true fencing uniform functionality to the foundation of the fit. This solid monochromatic foundation provides a starting point for which the uber modern styling of Kris Van Assche can be applied via footwear. For those a bit more daring we’ve included an Leon Paul fencing mask not suitable for business casual meetings. The pieces found within this look come to us from SSENSE, excluding the mask of course.

Rick Owens Wrap Shirt

Pierre Balmain Biker Pants

Kris Van Assche Sneakers

Leon Paul X-Change Mask