Olympus Stylus 1 finally announced today, the camera features 12 MP, a back-side illuminated CMOS sensor, 10.7x optical zoom lens with an f/2.8 constant aperture, amongst many other features. The camera is equipped with a newly-developed powerful i.ZUIKO DIGITAL lens that features a compact size, excellent image quality, and brightness at all focal lengths. This revolutionary lens significantly reduces subject blur without degrading image quality. The STYLUS 1 is the flagship model of the STYLUS series, achieving excellent image quality and a high zoom factor through the fusion of an i.ZUIKO DIGITAL lens, and the shooting style of the Olympus Mirrorless Interchangeable-Lens flagship model, the OM-D. The best functions from larger, heavier, and more expensive DSLR cameras with the similar specs have been packed into a compact, slim body.

The Olympus Stylus 1 is now available through B&H.