Retailer Por Vocação have compiled this impressive short film with a leading name in footwear design and one that we often mention here on SLAMXHYPE, Buttero.

“In one of our last buying trips, the people at Buttero approached us about doing some video for them. Not being ones to shy away from a challenge we immediately said yes, to what turned out to be the brand’s first video ever. With a big tradition in making quality shoes and wide appreciation in Japan, we wanted to know what was hidden behind the brand so, after rounding up a small crew, packing up some gear and our socks, we set off to Italy. Once there, we discovered much more than mere shoe manufacturing, as Buttero stands for a family, not only in the strict sense but as a whole. We learned about their ways, their craftsmanship, Tuscany’s unique leather making background and truly understood what sets Buttero apart from other shoe brands in the market.”

[vimeo width=”620″ height=”400″][/vimeo]