For some reason the conversation around the success of KAW’s Original Fake brand seems to come up time and time again. The ability to mix fashion and art this deliberately and yet it works. It certainly seems to work in terms of its popularity, and perhaps thats due to the way KAW’s art has been integrated into the garments, its subtle, but obvious enough to make it worthwhile, and of course off the back of all that is the souring career of the New York based artist. The artists work is Pop in it’s most raw form, it appeals to everyone in one way or another, its accepted in the fine art world as genuinely high brow, and yet can appeal to the street art scene given its roots, and to younger enthusiasts, Original Fake even gives younger fans a chance to own something with the KAW’s stamp on it before they can enter the fine art market. The clothing is the same in a micro form, there are tee shirts with obvious art work printed, then there are cashmere sweaters with more subtle branding. This Spring/Summer continues along those lines, something for everyone without stepping outside of any boundaries, it could be considered safe, but as its been said by some of the greats, men should dress not to be noticed but to be respected.

Images: OriginalFake via HB

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