A few posts later and a lot of interntional readers have asked me about OVATION TV.     Unfortuntely, it is not available everywhere, but their website is.    ovation site One of my favorite art sites and one of the best TV channels ever.   The programming is phenomenal.     Covering some of the most provocative contemporary artists out there.    Mathew Barney, Jeff Koons, Warhol, Damien HIrst, Picasso, Rothko  to photographers, architects and designers.    Inspirational stories about Judy Scott and Pearl Fryar.   Martha Graham, Miles Davis, William Klein-you name it and they have done it.    All kinds of art, all the time.     Coming up; a great piece on Frederico Fellini with Marcello Mastroianni Feb 21.

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Check it.

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Design video “Brilliant Green” explores the creative process to being eco friendly.