PairXWear: The Wish X Adidas SL Loop Runner

As a wise man once said “Mo’ Money, Mo Problems”. That adage might not ring true for most, but with this Wish X Adidas SL Loop Runner collab, getting your hands on the money-themed sneakers most certainly presented a problem. If you were one of the lucky few to cop a pair of these 2 dollar print rarities, we have a PairXWear to make sure you have an outfit you can take to the bank.

Check out the links below to connect with what we put together.

Kith Bleeker Short – Grey

I Love Ugly Zespy Pants – Forest Green

Still Good Conceptual Shirt

J Crew Short Sleeve Sweatshirt

A Kind of Guise Yasin Reversible Blouson

Carhartt WIP Acrylic Watch Hat

Hershel Retreat Backpack