Misha Hollenbach and Shauna T. from Perks And Mini, renown UK artist and founder of Tonite, Fergadelic and Sk8thing the creative director of Bathing Ape and BBC/Ice Cream have culminated to work on a project entitled “Changes”. Fittingly available from this Halloween are The Time They are The Changes tie-dye tees, consisting one design from each of the four member of The Changes. The release of the tees coincide with the Changes exhibitions at Mu Gallery in Eindhoven and Utopian Slumps Gallery in Australia.

Tees available from Someday (Melbourne), Slam Jam (Italy), Boundless (NYC), Dragon (Mexico), Firmament (Germany), Honeyee.com

The Changes Exhibition Australia

Opening Friday November 7 and runs until November 29

Utopian Slumps Gallery

5/25 Easey Street Collingwood

The Changes Exhibition Eindhoven

Opening October 31 and runs until December 14


Emmasingel 20 (first floor De Witte Dame) 5611 AZ Eindhoven