Paraboot Avoriaz Mountaineering Boot1Paraboot Avoriaz Mountaineering Boot2

One of the footwear labels which we’ve begun to pay a lot more attention to this year is the French footwear company, Paraboot. Manufacturing some of the finest footwear in France for over 100 years. Richard-Pontvert registered the company in 1927, the ‘Para’ part of the name refers to Para, the city in Brazil that provided the raw materials for the original soles.

In addition to being hand-cut and hand-stitched, Paraboot footwear is constructed using both the Norwegian & Goodyear stitch techniques, to produce incredibly comfortable, durable & waterproof shoes. Paraboot have created some really interesting project recently with the collaboration with Soph really standing out and they own several factories in Europe, one is the same that produces shoes for Hermes and the like.

Here is a look at some Avoriaz Mountaineering boots that have recently arrived at Oki-Ni. Recognised as one of the finest, well made mountaineering boot in the world, the Avoriaz Mountaineering boots are made with the finest leather and unique tongue folding ensuring no water is leaked into the boot. Take a look below.

Paraboot Avoriaz Mountaineering Boot3Paraboot Avoriaz Mountaineering Boot4

Paraboot Avoriaz Mountaineering Boot5Paraboot Avoriaz Mountaineering Boot6

Paraboot Avoriaz Mountaineering Boot7Paraboot Avoriaz Mountaineering Boot8

Available now at Oki-Ni for £315.00.