Passarella Death Squad was founded by two Londers Danny Broddle and Emilie Albisser in 2004. What makes their concept so unique is all of their fabrics are imported from Tokyo, then all of the manufacturing and hand printing is done in London. The Passarella Death Squad also create all of the clothing patterns as well as the image designs and text. The collective have also signed with The Republic of Desire recordings and their first record was released earlier in the year.

Here is the first look at what Passarella Death Squad have compiled for spring/summer 2010.

Passarella leather jacket 2

Passarella trench jacket

Passarella tencel cardigan

Passarella tencel v-neck

Passarella cardigan knitwear

Passarella jumper knitwear

Passarella jeans

Passarella shirt

Passarella trousers