“Swedish-born, Los Angeles-raised and New York-based. Hello. How perfect is that? No wonder that Patrik Ervell just about single-handily makes New York Fashion Week worth going to for a menswear writer. His collections are directional enough to handle the catwalk but contain enough sartorial sensibility to be worn by you and me, today and tomorrow. Wherever he shows, Ervell can match the best his uniform-inspired jackets and sharp tailoring. Look further down and you’ll see the shoes. Often Ervell will send out army-influenced boots, but during the recent NYFW S/S13 show, he showed off the summer version of his Aldo RISE collaboration; sandals!” David Hellqvist was given these images, courtesy of The Coveteur, and managed to catch up with Patrik about the collaboration and what kind of shoes he’s wearing himself…  [ be sure to check out David’s blog on The Breaks ]

David: How did the Aldo collab come about?

Patrik: S/S13 will be my second season working on shoes with ALDO. It’s the first time I’ve been able to design a shoe from the ground up… so it’s a great experience.

David: I know its a summer collection, but city sandals for men is a brave choice… will you be wearing them?

Patrik: I would. Depending on what you are wearing they actually end up feeling very formal in some cases.

David: What shoes are you wearing now?

Patrik: An old pair of New Balance sneakers… that are falling apart.

David: What do you look for in shoes, what’s your ideal boot/shoe?

Patrik: I feel like shoes have to have integrity, they have to be believable in a way.