Paul McCarthy is an exceptional yet eccentric talent known mostly for his works that have condiments standing in for #1, #2, and, of course, blood and that other white stuff that half the world excretes, McCarthy also creates architectural pieces that challenge our perception, such as Paul McCarthy: Central Symmetrical Rotation Movement Three Installations, Two Films, which opens at the Whitney on June 26.

"The show focuses on a core strand of McCarthy’s work: the use of architecture to create perceptual disorientation in the viewer through spinning mirrors, rotating walls, projections, and altered space. In Spinning Room (2008), first conceived in 1971, but being realized for the first time for this show, live images of viewers are rotated and projected onto double-sided screens that appear infinitely reflected on four surrounding mirrored walls, enclosing the viewer in a wildly disorienting space. In Mad House (2008), being created for this show, a room spins disconcertingly on its axis."

For some interesting work from McCarthy take a look at this page of unsettling videos, and a video of his Peter Paul Chocolate Factory exhibition (where they made the Santa Claus buttplugs) at Maccarone this past holiday season.

This is one character I find very fascinating and I can’t wait to see what comes from him next, just can’t!