Here is insightful read with this interview conducted by Wonderland magazine with Stussy creative director Paul Mittleman.

What’s Stussy’s following like in Tokyo? Was it part of that fashionable Bboy scene in the 90s?

I believe Stussy had a very large following and impact in Tokyo. Stussy has a wider bandwidth than just in the B boy scene, it spread into Dj culture, Skate, Surf and was a bridge into what we now call Street wear.

Where do you shop, when you go out there?

All over I am a nomad and like to wander.

And where do you eat?
Really depends, but I have a soft spot for a very wonderful Katsu place in Harajuku and Honmura An.

Both Stussy and Bape have made the most of producing pieces in limited numbers, creating collectibles. Do you collect anything?

Cameras, Contemporary Art, Books, Music but digital these days, and great memories.

What’s your favorite piece in Nigo’s formidable sneaker/toy/car collection?

I no not have one, I like Nigo as a person, and his knowledge of what he collects is more interesting that any one thing.

Do you think the way street-style has evolved in Japan has influenced your own work?

Yes, very much so.

Tokyo has Takeshita Street—where’s the best place to see people work it in New York, where you live?

Not really sure anymore, the work has shrunk, i think you can see great things in very random places.

The skulls and camo in these new products has a definitively 90s vibe—do you think it’s all coming back? What’s fresh about the new Stussy x Bape designs?

For me they are past and present, there is a nostalgia, but it looks new, not vintage, lets say it is remixed.

Any sold-out Bape designs you wish you’d snapped up when they were available?

Not really, I have one very special jacket, that I will always keep.

This is the latest in a series of collaborations for Stussy—who’s next on the list?

Cannot really say, but we are at work.

Your dream collaborator, dead or alive, real or imaginary?

Not really sure if I have one, but I have always wanted a dinner party with great people that span the history of my inspiration.

Name five things on your Christmas list.

That would be the note on my desk, but all 5 things are gifts for my wife and daughter. However, I do have a watch that i have been looking at we will see is Santa is generous this year. I think what i have learned this year is a great gift so i am content.