Paul Smith is renowned for working with British football teams to design suits ahead of important games and it doesn’t get much bigger than the Champions League  final in which Manchester United will adorn a Smith original prior to kick off. Modeled by Vidic, Carrick and Kuszczak, the design is highlighted by a classic slim cut in a grey wool/mohair a white cotton shirt and burgundy silk ties completes the look. Read a small interview with Sir Paul Smith that GQ compiled below.

GQ: Why did you go for the grey/burgundy colour combo?
Paul Smith: I am really drawn towards grey at the moment as a new alternative to black, and for me burgundy works really well with this shade.

Were any of the players particularly interested in the suits and their construction?
Generally speaking, the comments were very positive – especially the slimmer line that the suits have, and the fact that they are softer because of the wool/mohair mix and consequently more comfortable to wear.

Is there anything you have to bear in mind when cutting suits for footballers?
Obviously as sportsmen their hips and thighs tend to be bigger than the average man’s…

What’s your best advice for getting off a bus after a long journey and still looking good?
Don’t wear your jacket on the bus, and make sure the tie is not too long and not too short: ideally not with a huge Windsor knot but a more elegant, simple knot like a four-in-hand. One button on the jacket should be always be done up.

Are footballers starting to dress better generally, do you think?
If they are wearing our suits then yes, definitely!