Peachoo + Krejberg is a collaboration between the Indian Peachoo Datwani and the Danish Roy Krejberg. They have both a long experience in French fashion. The Brand was established in Paris 2004 where the first Fall Winter 2004-2005 collection was shown.

The men’s collection was subsequently launched for Spring/Summer 2006. Since their debut, Peachoo+Krejberg have developed a strong selective distribution worldwide. The Peachoo + Krejberg collections are a complete range of clothes based on a personnal style with varied sources of inspiration where the construction starts from a strong basic structure that gets broken down and then re-built to create a nex expression.

The clothes combine an architectural approach to cutting with exclusively designed fabrics and ancient skills in handcrafting, undergoing different processes to obtain a look and soul, aged and weathered. Working with contrasts in volumes, colours and materials to create a new sensibility is the main expression of their collections.”

Thanks to Skeleton Legs for the info.