Dave and Holly Combs first took Inspiration from the plethora of stickers they noticed around the NYC while helping with the 9/11 volunteer efforts, the Combses decided to create a more permanent home for the stickers in a magazine they affectionately dubbed Peel. Stickers have long been part of the culture and street art and Peel provides a place for the adhesive art work to be showcased.

The upcoming edition of Peel which will be available in late March will really captures the core of the art and culture itself: the beauty, recognition, talent, and impermanence that is sticker art. The book documents the evolution of Peel Magazine and sticker culture through interviews with some of the genre’s most influential legends like Sesper, Buff Monster, Klutch and Seen and goes to places like Tokyo, South Africa, Brazil, England, and Indonesia. To go with the book is completed with 8 pages of full-color stickers so get your hands o the release and absorb the fine art of stickers.

Order Peel The Art of the Sticker through Mark Batty Publishing also The Combses also offer signed copies of the book by both authors take a look here.

Thanks to Juxtapoz for the info.