Misha from P.A.M. gave us a sneak preview of their Autumn/Winter 2010 lookbook, working together with longterm Perks and Mini collaborators (2many DJ’s), Love Fingers, and other’s on location in Melbourne. The collection looks to be one that we can definitely look forward to!

Here’s what Misha has to say about the collection:

“…..so before you admit, “I AM A LASAGNA HOG!” think about it backwards…..”!GO HANG A SALAMI” will come to mind (obviously ; ) The whole world’s made up of opposites and similarities: ups/downs, (uppers/downers), in/outs, GOOD/BAD. You need that balance. Without Ying there aint no Yang. Where there’s George, sometimes there’s Tilda.
Italo music: is it the best? or the worst?? or both??????

You can see where we’re going, and where the new PAM AW2010/11 is taking us……GOOD/BAD is no more, it’s the combo of both that makes our world go round.

GOOD things about PAM AW2010: cool graphics, nice knits, new labeling(featuring Fergadelic’s foray into Vogueing)(let your body move to da music), Japanese fabrics: denim and mens shirting, canvas and performance nylons. Also soft soft cotton, and soft soft BAMBOO cotton. Cool hats!!!(Lasagna), bags, totes (great for fruit shopping, vinyl DJing, camping, city life!)…etcetc

The BAD bits: a whole new level to BAD graphics! (Good!!), and ……. well, actually, NOTHING bad!!! Which is pretty GOOD!”




Thanks for the heads up Misha!

2 Responses

  1. Fausto Ng

    “I'm a lasagna hog” and “Go hang a salami” may be the best palindrome EVER.I am loving P.A.M. more every season. Can't wait to see more.