Pete Fowlers most famed pieces of work consist of his high profile toys such as Action Man and his Be@rbrick although his distictive style and feel provides no better effect than in the new exhibition of paintings that opens today in London at the Stolen Space gallery. Creatures of all shapes, sizes and colors surround the gallery, whether in paintings on the wall or the miniature toys playing in the display cabinet at Bubblegum Psychedelic. Fowler’s work is most well known to Vice Magazine readers who have the pleasure of reading the regular Monsterism comic strip and music fans will know his animation and cover art work for fellow creative Welshmen the Super Furry Animals.

Fowler says of his new exhibition, "This is the first collection of paintings I’ve exhibited for some years. A culmination of ideas evolved and developed over time drawing influences from old and new psychedelic music, mutations, record shopping and my own alternate reality project Monsterism Island…. I’d like to think these pieces look good enough to eat or at least lick, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

If in London this exhibition which is on show now is highly recommended so make an effort to check it out, take a look at some of the work on hand below.

Info from Cool Hunting