One of the leading names in Paris, Pigalle which is fronted by the PainOchoKolat crew have celebrated there 1st anniversary. This weekend was another memorable one for Stephane Ashpool “The Mayor” and his PainOchoKolat crew who celebrated the one-year anniversary. PainOchoKolat continue to generate some really positive energy, not on in Paris but around the globe and it is always exciting to see what they are doing.

The evening began at the store itself where friends and family chilled for few moments before continuing to the PoK offices for a friendly screening of “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” with all the kids from the neighborhood once again invited. Popcorn, beers, weed, laughter and Nike hoodies for everyone invited, the perfect introduction to the evening that was following.

The people waiting outside Cafe Carmen had absolutely no idea what they were in for. A giant sauna where most of the guests were shouting at the top of their lungs, dancing their booties off, and drinking Vodka from the bottle… All in all one hell of an atmosphere for one helluva party. The crew were fortunate enough to have a bunch of there friends from abroad that made it here to celebrate with us (Damir Doma, Rick Owens Corp. staff, Angelo Baque, the list goes on), it was for us all a new experience and the best way to lose weight.

The music was provided by the PainOchoKolat crew, DJ Jean (Mos Def”s DJ), Hollywood Raf and the very promising Dal-G. And to finish it all off, Pigalle will launch its website in a few days so stay tuned.











PHOTO BY : HELMI (pain o chokolat)